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Subject: "Family of Sluts" Of course this is a complete work of fiction. I opened his bedroom door and stood illegal cp loli real
there mesmerized by the sight of his
heavily muscled naked body lying there on his bed. His semi-erect cock was
lying on his chiseled belly twitching with whatever erotic dream he was
having at the moment. I was supposed to wake him for a fishing trip with his
friends this morning but I found myself wanting something else right this
moment. I left the door open and crossed the room and sat on the edge of my
15-year-old son Cory's bed and leaned down and took the thick head of his 7
1/2-inch cock into my watering mouth. He was such a sexy kid and I loved his
cock in my mouth. I knew he was awake when I felt his fingers running
through my hair. I slid my lips and tongue down his wet shaft and let those
big cum filled balls into my mouth. I could taste his heady salty night
sweat flavor as I sucked them while stroking his cock with my fist. Moving
down further I pushed his legs open wider and let my tongue graze over his
tightly puckered back door. His cock lolita xxx nude preteen jumped in my hand when I made contact
with his ass. I felt movement on the bed and looked up in time to see my
daughter lower her fourteen-year-old hairless pussy down onto Cory's face.
Madison rocked her hips fucking her pussy into Cory's tongue and chin. I
moved back up and smiled at her watching as she squeezed her 32B perky tits
and pinched the fairly large nipples that topped them. I held Cory's cock
out to her and she leaned down and top 1oo lolita sites
let her mouth envelope his cock as I
returned to his balls. "You just couldn't fucking wait for me? You three ought to be ashamed of
yourselves!" I looked up as my wife opened and then dropped the silk robe
she was wearing and approached the bed. "Cory you have to get into the
shower quick if you're going to be ready when Ralph gets here to pick you
up. But you can spare ten minutes I guess to give Mama a little bit of what
you two know I want." She was right. "She" was of course Jade my sexy little
petite Japanese wife. I knew what to do and I knew Cory knew what to do as
well. I lay on my back on the bed as Jade climbed up on top of me and eased
her tight shaved pussy down on my fully inflated cock. Madison squeezed out
a large dollop of sex lube onto her mothers asshole as Cory positioned
himself behind her his cock touching the entrance of her sexy asshole. My
cock had been there many times before. After Cory was inside and he and I
had developed a good rhythm inside both of Jade's fuck holes Madison who was
feeling left out decided to get in on the action. With a gymnasts dexterity
she managed to get her pussy between her mom and me. Jade started licking
Madison's ass while Cory and I still had our cocks buried deep inside Jade's
pussy and ass. I was able to push my tongue into Madison's pussy and suck on
her clit as well. Madison was on her hands and knees facing away from us so
Cory had a good shot of her ass. It only took a few minutes before Cory
filled his mothers ass with his young stud's cum. Without a word he pulled
put of her and ran to the bathroom for his shower. "Daddy, Madison asked. I want you to take my cherry!" My god what a fucking
invitation I thought. I had felt Jade cum several times while we fucked her
so I pushed her off my cock and rolled over on top of Madison. "Baby doll, I
thought your brother had taken care of that a long time ago?" "No Daddy I
always wanted you to take my cherry so I only let Cory have my ass. My pussy
is dripping wet and still virginal just for you! But I'm a slut Daddy, just
like Mommy so I want you to fuck my cunt from behind and spank me while you
do, just like you do to Mommy!" I backed off of her and flipped her over
onto her hands and knees and grabbed her waist lifting her ass way up and
slid my cock into her tight young dripping wet teen pussy. Jade lay in front
of Madison who was now on her knees and spread her legs wide open inviting
Madison to feast on her ample pussy lips and oversized clit. Madison didn't
need a second clue as she dipped her head and pushed her tongue into Jade's
juicy cunt. Madison never jumped or yelped or made any painful indication
when my 9 long thick cock pierced her most intimate of barriers. She was
however moaning quite loudly into her mother's pussy as she ate jade's cunt
while I fucked my daughter's pussy for hers and my first time. Madison came
at least four times and Jade at least twice by the time I yanked out my cock
and pressed it to her asshole. Her brother may have taken her anal cherry
but my cock was muck bigger and I wanted her to feel what a real cock felt
like in her ass. Her ass took me surprisingly easy and i leaned down and
whispered in her ear, "Who else besides Cory has been in this ass?" "Only
Mom, cory, Mr. Ashton, grandpa, and Uncle Charlie! But you are still the
biggest and my favorite daddy." I was pumping into her ass the whole time
and when I heard my own dad had fucking her ass well that was so fucking
sexy I pulled out and shot my last yet I think biggest load of the night all
over Madison's back. Jade and little lolli model pics I took turns licking my huge load from her
body before falling asleep. We were all laying on our king sized bed resting after an hour and a half
bi-sexual orgy when Cory bounced into the room. "Hey what are you all doing
just lying around? I hope somebody can find the energy to fuck me since the
fishing trip is off 'cuz the fucking boat won't start. Already naked he slid
up onto the bed between us. My cock was itching and twitching get it into
his young hot and sexy ass. I looked over in time to see Jade come out of
the little naked preteen lolitas nightstand drawer with her favorite strap-on dildo. Oh boy was Cory in
for a treat. Let me tell you from personal experience that woman knows how
to fuck a guy in the ass. The End
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